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Coastal Sustainability & Poverty Alleviation through Education

Join SST in championing the Splendours of our South African Seas in caring
for its wonderful animals and the people who depend upon them. SST
develops education and skills training as a means of coping with poverty and
food security. SST also raises awareness and encourages public participation
for the sustainable use of our marine resources.

Final Coasts Cover Copy

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Stunning photographs taken by the South African public illustrate this
spectacular coffee table book. It was launched concurrently with South
Africa's six new Hope Spots in December 2014 and all proceeds go
towards local education trust funds in aid of education and poverty
alleviation. The book is available from SST for only R230 - order
your copy now - click here to download the order form.

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Launch of SA Hope Spots

Early in December 2014 the renowned marine conservationist, Dr Sylvia Earle, led a Mission Blue Expedition in South Africa to launch the country's first six Hope Spots. SST facilitated the tour, in concert with a number of supporting organizations with a view to igniting public support for marine conservation. 

The expedition also launched the coffee table book, South African Coasts - A celebration of our seas and shores , for which the public submitted photographs to celebrate 20 Years of South Africa‚Äôs democracy.  READ MORE