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Join SST in championing the Splendours of our South African Seas in caring for its wonderful animals and the people who depend upon them. SST develops education and skills training as a means of coping with poverty and food security. SST also raises awareness and encourages public participation for the sustainable use of our marine resources.

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Easter Saturday Edu Photo Walk

Posted: 20 April 2014

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2. Sylvia In Deep Worker Mission Blue Smll

SST Patron on CNN

Posted: 15 April 2014

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Launch of SA Hope Spots

Renowned marine conservationist, Dr Sylvia Earle, will lead a Mission Blue Expedition to South Africa to launch the country's first five Hope Spots in December 2014. Sustainable Seas Trust and BirdLife South Africa are organizing the tour, in concert with a number of supporting organizations with a view to igniting public support for marine conservation.

The expedition will also launch the book, Splendours of South African Seas, for which the public submitted photographs to celebrate 20 Years of South Africa’s democracy.  READ MORE