Sustainability & Poverty Alleviation through Education

African Marine Waste Conference 2017

Registration and Call for Abstracts are now open!

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For more information, please visit our conference website: 

Important dates for the African Marine Waste Network

15th March 2017 Third Advisory Panel and Workshop Meetings in Port Elizabeth
4th to 7th July 2017 South African Marine Science Symposium (SAMSS) in Port Elizabeth
9th to 13th July 2017 African Marine Waste Conference 2017 in Port Elizabeth
“Building a Marine Pollution Strategy for Africa”

As SAMSS and the African Marine Waste Conference will be occurring back-to-back, this will allow delegates to attend both international marine conferences.

International Congress

The Conference will be held at the Feather Market Centre in Port Elizabeth. The area is home to Algoa Bay, a Mission Blue Hope Spot and Bottlenose Dolphin Capital of the World.

Photograph by Lloyd Edwards, founder of Raggy Charters.

Join SST in championing the Splendours of our South African Seas in caring for its wonderful animals and the people who depend upon them. SST develops education and skills training as a means of coping with poverty and food security. SST also raises awareness and encourages public participation for the sustainable use of our marine resources.


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