Calls to Action

SST believes that public awareness and understanding are steps in the right direction and that public education is an even more powerful step but the time has now come for people to take action in the ways they live. To promote this SST has mounted two Sea Pledge tours around South Africa and is currently running a photographic competition and developing a book celebrating our South African seas. The mere fact that a person has to compose a photograph and think about it is a form of action, equally public participation in selecting photographs leads to thoughts, ideas and commitments to more sustainable lifestyles. Many people recognise that humans are responsible for the downward trends on the planet and feel that whatever they do will not make a difference however an important message carried by SST on its tours and lectures and in its films is that of hope, indicating that people are now in a far better position than ever before to make a difference. We have the understanding, knowledge, technology and increasingly public and political movements that will lead to a better planet. These calls to action are quite frequently a charitable drive to raise funds for education and skills training within impoverished coastal communities.

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