Are you a Photographer or a Film maker?

The SST Book and Film competition is underway!!!

By April 2014, we will publish a book and produce a short film titled The Splendour of South African Seas, a publication that all South Africans will become involved in producing.

The purpose of the project is to engender pride in our coast, its towns and the many activities it offers. South Africans from all over our shoreline as well as those inland will be asked to contribute photographs displaying what they cherish about our coast. From family days’ at the beach, to scuba diving and exploring our rock pools, all these activities deserve recognition as part our coastal culture. Committees will be established in around 17 different towns around our coast and will help us liaise with the communities and engage interest. Yachtsmen, surfers, fishermen, holiday makers and everyone else who uses our coastline to make their lives happier and more fulfilled will be approached and asked to enter any hidden gems they might be holding onto.

Our coast is something often taken for granted and we don’t realise how lucky we are to have access to this plethora of nourishment, not only for our bodies but our souls as well.

The book will be divided into 17 sections, each one exemplifying its own unique area of our 2,500 km long coast line.

The proposed areas will be:

   Kzn Wc Ec
  Check out our Competitions Page for larger Maps!

In turn, each of these sections will further be divided into five categories. This is to ensure we have a broad spectrum of photographs for each of the area, guaranteeing diversity and ensuring they have proper coverage. The sections will also have content written for them, giving interesting facts and background to the area. The sections will be:

1) Recreational activities and sports. This includes any water or beach sports and activities, as well as the less official activities like building sandcastles or having a fish braai on the beach. From angling to scuba diving, water skiing to surfing, we want action photos aplenty.

2) Scenery. This will showcase the landscape and the environment, adding personality to the area. A extremely important section as it will convey the lay of the land best.

3) Cultural and historical. This will give insight into the locals and their historical heritage. What are the predominant professions in the area? How do the locals spend their time? From monuments to shipwrecks, all this will be included.

4) Tourism. Perhaps there’s a quirky pub in the area, or a shop that the locals frequent for Gatsby’s. What makes the area’s heart beat and feet tap? Photographs of hotels, shops, restaurants and things to do will be in this section.

5) Marine life. This includes the animals under the sea as well as on top. From photos snapped while scuba diving to images of the seagulls flying through a sunset, it’s our responsibility to protect our oceans for these life forms that rely on it so. This section will display the wonderful wildlife we have in this country and bring awareness to their situations.

We would like to give each of the 17 sections ten pages each, 8 of which will be dedicated to the above five sections and the last two pages will be for the category winners.

The categories are:

  • Professional photographer
  • Amateur/hobbyists photographer
  • School goers (Matric and under)

These photographs will simply be chosen for being the top applicants, regardless of subject matter, so long as it was taken in the designated area.

Check our Competition Page for ALL the details!


Did You Know?

"We need the ocean, the ocean doesn't need us." 

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