Clean-up SA Month

September 2015 is Clean-up SA Month and the 30th International Coastal
Clean-Up Day will once again form the highlight of this year’s Clean-Up &
Recycle Week (14-19 September 2015). Thousands of kilograms of a waste
are removed along the world’s shorelines with South Africa recognized as
one of the leading participants in this clean-up initiative.

Recycle Competition

In order to encourage South Africans to recycle and buy products made with
recycled material, the packaging industry and recycling industry, have initiated
an annual Recycling Day SA which falls during Clean-up SA Week 14 - 19
September 2015. It’s aim is to increase awareness by educating the community
about the social, environmental and economic benefits of recycling.

14 - 19 September - Clean-up & Recycle Week

18 September - Recycling Day SA

19 September - International Coastal Clean-up Day is the world’s largest volunteer
effort to clean up our beaches and waterways, with partners around the globe.

The problem of marine debris does not necessarily start in the ocean, but is
dumped further inland and washed down into the oceans. Statistics from the
1999 ICC showed that 59% of debris collected was from land sources. Each
year there is a vast increase in the number of marine animals injured or
entangled in debris found in the oceans. Turtles mistake floating plastic bags
as food and thousands of seals, whales, dolphins, sharks and birds die from
entanglement in fishing line and other debris.

The aim of the cleanup is:

  • to remove debris from all bodies of water;
  • to collect valuable information about debris;
  • to heighten public awareness of the causes of litter and debris;
  • to make a positive change and to promote water pollution
    prevention efforts worldwide.

Plett Clean Up

Join a cleanup near you or create your own event and 
Sign Up to Clean Up and add your details to the South
African Cleanup Diary here.

Did You Know?

“With every breath we take, every drop of water we drink, we’re connected to the ocean. It is our life support system, giving us more than half of the oxygen we breathe, regulating climate, and providing valuable resources.”

- Sylvia Earle (SST Patron)
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