Climate Collaboration

The START and RAVAC (Risk and Vulnerability Atlas Centre) programmes held a joint workshop in Hamburg, along the Eastern Cape Coast, with the Keiskamma Trust, members of the local fishing and farming community and ASPIRE to develop collaborative work plans for an exciting, highly relevant climate and food security strategy. While each programme is independently funded and managed, there is no doubt that collaboration will benefit all. The overall aims are to develop a strategy and a model to reduce the loss of ecosystem goods and services, promote food security and reduce risk and vulnerability for the coastal community. The meeting was excellent and the next meeting will be hosted by the local community.

Did You Know?

“The sea shapes the character of earth, governs climate and weather, regulates temperature, and comprises much of the biosphere – yet it remains largely unknown. It is not, however, untouched. Everywhere, the changes brought about by humankind are evident.”

Sylvia Earle
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