The SAMSA SEA Pledge Tour has a successful stop in Durban at Ushaka Sea World

The SAAMBR Len Baumann Conference Hall at Ushaka Sea World was packed with concerned citizens all eager to learn more about our oceans and how we can best help preserve these guardians of life on earth, the reason being the SAMSA SEA Pledge Tour. The SST along with the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) are currently on this Saldanha to Sodwana Tour. For four weeks the team will be touring South Africa’s coastline spreading the word of coastal conservation to everyone from young school children to the various mayors and dignitaries along the way.

South African celebrity marine biologist, Dr Eleanor Yeld Hutchings, from the SABC 3 award winning series, Shoreline, was the guest speaker for the Durban leg of the tour. “Eleanor indicated powerfully and inspirationally how individuals making positive lifestyle choices and expanding their knowledge of our oceans can each be champions of conservation in their own right,” said SST director and founding patron, DR Tony Ribbink, “SEA pledge has acted as a facilitator for showcasing inspirational South Africans who are playing major parts in not only local, but international conservation awareness.”

“Our oceans and coastline are amazing, truly incredible, but it doesn’t matter how amazing they are, if people don’t know about them,” said Yeld Hutchings, “If you think that even in some of our world famous coastal cities, people hardly visit their own beaches, then you realise that the majority of South Africans inland have no exposure to themeither. So we need to take it to them, what better way to do it, than by sharing our stories and there are so many ways to do it, through Shoreline,SST, or WWF SA it doesn’t matter how, we just all need to do our utmost. ”

South African’s everywhere are invited to join the SST and SAMSA on the coastal tour, to make their SEA Pledge and set their own personal goals of how they will contribute to securing the healthy future of our oceans.

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Photographer: Desiree Schirlinger


Sustainable Seas Trust founding patron, Dr Tony Ribbink, celebrity marine biologist, Dr Eleanor Yeld Hutchings, SAMSA representative from Durban, Captain Mkhize, and Ushaka CEO of the South African Association for Marine Biological Research at Ushaka Sea World, Judy Mann at the Durban function of the tour.


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“The oceans provide 99 % of the Earth's living space”

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