East London presentation

East London: Unsung Jewel of Coastal South Africa, Is the title of the talk that Dr Tony Ribbink of Sustainable Seas Trust will give when he launches the book: South African Coasts. A Celebration of our Seas and Shores at the East London Museum on 12th March at 19:00 in the Marjorie Courtenay-Latimer Hall.

The potential of East London as a tourism, education and conservation area plus the manner in which everyone may contribute to the growth of the economy through the environment will be topics covered in the presentation. Some possibilities for the future are explored.

Final Coasts Cover Copy

The coffee table book is the product of thousands of South Africans contributing photographs to illustrate the book. Essays from South Africa’s leading authors in their fields provide fascinating supplements to the amazing photographs. This is a book every South African should have.

All funds from the sale of the book will be placed in an Education Trust Fund for coastal communities, so purchasing the book as a gift, even a gift to oneself, is also a charitable contribution.

Did You Know?

"We must protect the ocean as if our lives depend upon it -- because they do."

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