Ellingham Resorts Supports SEA Pledge

Ellingham Resorts Rocky Bay

Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) acknowledges Ellingham Resorts - Rocky Bay and their support of the SEA Pledge crusade. Ellingham Resorts – Rocky Bay boasts a variety of self catering log cabins, a first class 12 sleeper flat and caravan park all set on the beach in a luscious coastal environment. The resort has previously sponsored the stay of the SEA Pledge team while on their blue planet coastal road tour and has again come to the table by sponsoring the stay of SEA Pledge members in one of their log cabins. SEA Pledge will be attending the South Coast Surf Carnival on 26th and 27th November as well as assisting the Hibiscus Coast prepare for COP 17 and the launch of SEA Pledge on 3rd December. The weeklong stay at Ellingham Resorts – Rocky Bay will see the promotion of the Hibiscus Coast and its role among individuals, businesses, clubs and schools in the festivities associated with COP 17. On the 3rd December SEA Pledge will be officially launched at COP 17 and around coastal South Africa and pledges/petition signatures will be collected to be presented to the United Nations. The Hibiscus Coast will be prominent in these activities.Ellingham Resorts – Rocky Bay has pioneered the SEA Pledge business challenge by being the first to complete a business pledge showcasing their current sustainability achievements, which include:

  • Their commitment to hiring locally and supporting local business.
  • The use of their own environmentally friendly sewerage farm, which disposes of 70% of their sewage.
Ellingham Resorts – Rocky Bay has also pledged to:
  • Reduce their negative footprint by conserving fuel and recycling water & refuse.
  • Increase their positive hand print by planting only indigenous trees and eradicating invader species within their boundaries.
  • Raise awareness through education of their guests on protecting their beaches, dunes & ocean.
  • Provide services to the SEAS Centers for employment on a voluntary basis. 
Sustainable Seas Trust acknowledges Ellingham Resorts - Rocky Bay in their commitment to the conservation of our coasts and ocean and the SEA Pledge Initiative.

Did You Know?

"We must protect the ocean as if our lives depend upon it -- because they do."

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