Life after the SAMSA Sea Pledge Tour!

The official SAMSA Sea Pledge tour which drew to a close on 10 May 2013 was a great success for the Sustainable Seas Trust and all of those involved. It was a truly amazing and inspiring experience for our team and the awareness which was created for the need to sustainably manage our ocean resources was a message that was continuously sent throughout the tour.

As SST looks forward for the rest of 2013 we have a number of objectives and projects that we will work on in an effort to further increase awareness for this important cause as well as put into action ideas and projects that were passed on to us during the Tour.

The Road Ahead :

  • Increasing Membership

Joining our membership program is a very important aspect for SST as these funds are put towards current and future projects in various locations around the country. The beauty about our membership program is that YOU can choose which project you would like your membership fee to go to and will then be constantly updated on the progress of the project, productions about the project and everything  involving creating awareness for the project. Our members are also entitled to a host of shop discounts which is ever increasing. We are currently in the process of getting 'big name' outlets on board with our membership program so that members are offered the best possible deals!

  • The Spendour of South African Seas Book and Film

By April 2014, we will publish a book and produce a short film titled The Splendour of South African Seas, a publication that all South Africans will become involved in producing. Individuals can become involved by sending us their best pictures and video clips from dedicated locations around the country. We will be running monthly competitions for the best photo/video of the month where we plan to give the winners some awesome prizes! All photos that are sent in will also be published on website and Facebook pages. 

  • Ocean Discovery Center (ODC)

One of SST's main projects at present is work on our Ocean Discovery Center at Hemmingsways Mall in East London.This will be an educational center for both schools and the public where everything to learn about our wonderful oceans will be on display. This centre aims to be fully interactive and promises to be a revolution in the way in which the importance of ocean conservation and sustainability is taught. 

Watch this space for more details!

  • Continued work on START, SAMSA AND PETROSA Projects

Our team is currently out in the field collecting new footage from the rural communities of Hamburg and Nazeti - Watch this space for news clips and project updates!

All In all our aim is keep building our support base and to continue making a difference for ocean conservation along our beloved coastline

Get involved , support us and play your part in making a difference in our oceans!

Did You Know?

"No water, no life. No blue, no green." 

Sylvia Earle
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