PE schools welcome SAMSA and SST

Pe Schools Visit011

"Everyone do the shark!"

This week Wednesday, Sandiso Ndala of SAMSA and Desiree Schirlinger of SST joined forces once again to share some ocean insight in Motherwell, Port Elizabeth.

Douglas Mbopa High School, Zanoxolo Public Primary School and Masiphathisane High School were visited by the team, where we handed out SAMSA sponsored lunch boxes, played some games, shared some lessons, equipped teachers with career guides for students and had fun all around.

Educating the youth of South Africa in the various ways we can better look after our oceans is a primary concern of both SAMSA and SST.

Hopefully, by planting the seed of curiosity in our learners now, in a few years’ time we’ll have young minds set on helping us research and protect the big bodies of blue that sustain all life on earth.

Did You Know?

"We must protect the ocean as if our lives depend upon it -- because they do."

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