PetroSA-SST handover of materials to Hamburg community

On Wednesday, the 16th of October, the Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) and PetroSA (The Petroleum, Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa) visited Hamburg to hand over to the community the final products resulting from a food security project conducted in the village and surrounding areas. 

The project saw members of the rural community - adults, school learners and teachers - work alongside researchers to identify, create, review and pilot materials aimed at educating the community about marine conservation and harvesting food sustainably from the ocean as well as establishing food gardens to secure food in the face of climate change. 

“This project was developed with the community who guided the content of the materials produced, indicating what their needs were. As such three different types of products were developed and the three facets each compliments the other, the informative poster is explained in the educational booklet and the real life dynamics of daily situations are capture on film,” Dr Tony Ribbink, founding trustee and director of Sustainable Seas Trust said. 

The educational materials developed include: ten posters, five booklets, five interactive films developed for classroom use in partnership with the written material and a basic literacy computer manual to be used in the Keiskamma centre and other centres with similar facilities. 

“We also handed over certificates to four members of the community for the ICT training they completed and it was wonderful to have a representative, Genevieve Smith, of PetroSA at the handover ceremony to present the certificates. This was the fourth time PetroSA visited the project and it is really gratifying when sponsors and NGOs work together to achieve goals,” Dr Ribbink concluded.

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