SEA Pledge Action Day!

What are you doing on 3 December?

Saturday, 3rd of December 2011, is a very important day for the SEA Pledge crusade. On this day, in the middle of COP 17, SST is planning to have thousands of people exchange pledges while participating in fun events. Our goal is to raise awareness and understanding with a view to encouraging people to make pledges to set and achieve higher standards.

This day is the official launch of the SEA Pledge crusade and we need your help to make it a success! If you are concerned about coasts and oceans and would like your school, organization or community to be involved, then take charge and plan a fun event. If you would like to organize, participate in, or share information about an event in your area, please email and let us know.

Suggestions for SEA Pledge Action Day – 3 December, 2011 at 11h00 

(Note: alternative dates are acceptable)

Yacht Clubs 

• Hold SEA Pledge Yacht races for adults and for children.
• Have women skippers challenge men skippers to collect pledges
• Sail SEA Pledge from one port to the next
• Each yacht club can challenge other yacht clubs to obtain a greater percentage of pledges than the others for:
-Number (as a percentage) of boat owners
-Number (as a percentage) of club members
-Number of visitors
• Hold a day of teaching children to sail
• Family Sail day
• Take some under privileged children to sea on a yacht (the 3rd of December is also the International Day of the disabled; some people plan to take one or more disabled people to sea, even if only in the harbour)
• Gather as many yachts as possible off a beach where other actions are taking place; but observe good seamanship and safety procedures so that yachts can follow each other in a line.

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SCUBA Divers 

• Exchange pledges underwater using slates
• Night dive
• Clubs challenge each other to obtain more pledges from their members than other clubs; or more pledges from visitors
• The most divers standing in a row holding hands on a sandy patch where they cannot damage the habitat
• Underwater clean-up
• Hold a SEA Pledge photographic day aiming to get the best picture during COP 17 for the SEA Pledge web page
• Swim events underwater:
-Relay team to cover certain distance
-Carry messages

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• Surfers carry pledges on their surfboards
• Surf competition
• Surf lesson
• Surf wearing blue or with face painted blue

Surf Carnival


• Sand sculpture contests
• Races on the beach
• Family day on the beach
• Beach competitions
• Paint children’s faces to look like sea creatures
• Have a march wearing blue clothes/paint face blue/dye hair blue
• Have a beach shore cleanup/underwater cleanup
• Write letters to the UN/local municipality
• Paint a mural on a wall (with permission!) and invite people to add their pledge

Highest Point

Activities to send a message 

• Mock trial of a poacher: Someone gets arrested for "poaching" (ideally, a prominent figure in the community). The "poacher" is given a cell phone and only released (usually kept in a faux cage in a public place) when he or she has raised enough money from friends, family and the crowd that gathers in front of the cage. It’s all in good fun and can attract public attention for our cause.

• Have races where teams tow small boats on bikes
-To send a message to those travelling to the coast from inland, that we don’t expect visitors to peddle their boats to get to the coasts but we do expect them to conserve fuel.
(Variations on this activity are welcome)

• Have a 2 legged vs. 4 legged race but have the 2 legged team run in snow shoes
-To send a message to boat users to switch from 2 stroke to 4 stroke engines because the 2 stroke engines pollute the waters and have a much larger negative footprint.
(Variations on this activity are welcome)

Did You Know?

"South African Hope Spots are people-oriented conservation areas in which individuals and communities are asked to make a positive difference to their own coastal and marine environments."

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