Sharklady - Overstrand Woman of the Year


Congratulations to Kim SHARKLADY MacLean who was awarded the Woman of The Year Award at the prestigious Overstrand Municipality’s Night of Excellence held at the Mayoral residence in Hermanus on the 25th of August 2015.

The Annual Night of Excellence is to give recognition to individuals who make a difference in the community of Overstrand by awarding the Mayoral Trophy for Environmental Conservation, the Woman/Women of the Year Award and the Award for Achievers of Excellence.

Kim strives tirelessly to educate and create awareness of creatures who cannot speak for themselves. She is someone who has made a difference to the lives of a much maligned and misunderstood animal, the great white shark, and has dedicated her life to changing misconceptions and garnering respect for this beautiful apex predator.

Kim came to the Overstrand as a young marine technician with a passion for sharks and has grown into a successful businesswoman who has proven her worth as an ambassador for our region. She has taken her passion and used it to educate the world about sharks. She invests time, money, expertise and herself into conserving our environment, educating people and promoting the region to the world. She is always ready to assist members of the community, where the need arises, for example sponsoring fabrics and cottons to the Umzobee Initiative in Gansbaai. She also assisted young musicians and DJs from Zwelihle by opening doors for them and giving them access to her music equipment. She gets involved with the disadvantaged communities and never says no if her help and support are needed.

Find out more about Kim MacLean, chairperson Great White Shark Protection Foundation, CEO Sharklady Adventures and director Shark Bay Research here.

Did You Know?

“With every breath we take, every drop of water we drink, we’re connected to the ocean. It is our life support system, giving us more than half of the oxygen we breathe, regulating climate, and providing valuable resources.”

- Sylvia Earle (SST Patron)
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