World Water Day & SST

Water, and specifically the sea, is at the core of everything Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) does. Whether it is educating students on the importance of and the life within the sea, to safety in and around water, to marine rehabilitation and food security. There is not a day that SST does not discuss the impact of water and marine education on every day life. This year SST placed a special focus on water safety in our education programs and the importance of practical safety knowledge for youth in, on, and around the sea. This focus is a call to action against the number of drownings that happen every year in our small town of Kenton-on-Sea and the surrounding coastal communities.

On World Water Day 2016 (March 22), a day focused on educating the public about water related issues and inspiring individuals to take action and make a difference, SST is taking action to create a safer more informed coastal community by teaching water safety as well as an understanding of our seas to children in our community. We will be running one of our Water Smart Fun Day events on the Kariega Beach to encourage children to think and act safely around water through the use of simple and memorable education taught in the actual environments as well as swimming skills taught in our local waters. This program not only teaches water safety but also shares the World Water Day 2016 theme of water and jobs wherein SST created employment for local guides to understand and teach these water safety skills to our children. 

Shauna Curran Water Smart Dsc 0472

Did You Know?

“Most of the world's major fisheries are unsustainable”

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