Honda - powering the dream of Sustainable Seas

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Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) has enjoyed excellent support from Honda since 2011 when a Honda Hybrid Jazz and a Honda Hybrid Insight took the SST team to Coastal South Africa to COP 17. These lovely vehicles carried the team from Saldanha to Sodwana and much further as the early success of the tour called for visits to extra towns and then SST visited COP 17 travelling once again from the Eastern Cape to Durban. READ MORE.

It was important to encourage the audiences in the 23 towns visited to better appreciate the need to choose more sustainable life styles and to understand the issues of COP 17 and how they might influence decisions and make a real difference. Equally important was to indicate to the audiences that SST was driving Honda Hybrid vehicles, demonstrating that SST was actively taking a step in the correct direction by using fuel efficient vehicles with low emissions. In every lecture the audience was encouraged to discuss hybrid cars. Surprisingly, it seemed that only 3% of the public really knew what hybrids are and why they are valuable in taking positive environmental steps. SST also promoted the vehicles by taking children, business chambers and mayors for drives in the vehicles. Without exception every person was impressed by the power, fuel efficiency, silence and elegance. Hopefully these people will purchase Hybrids in future; we know that children are placing pressure on their parents. READ MORE.

Late in 2012 SST had the pleasure of receiving a Honda Hybrid Civic, the only one in the country, to assist with various projects, but particularly the SEA Pledge tour to be launched by Dr Sylvia Earle. This vehicle has been extensively involved around South Africa promoting the education and skills programmes to assist impoverished coastal communities, in marine rehabilitation projects, in the filming programmes and in marine conservation. As in 2011, the Saldanha to Sodwana tour was the dominant programme, calling upon South African speakers to follow up on the launch by Dr Earle, these included Hanli Prinsloo, Dr Eleanor Yeld Hutchings, Fiona Ayerst, Peter van Kets, Dr Baldwin Ngubane, Christo van Jaarsveldt and Dr Tony Ribbink. Once again the news media covered the tour fully (television on six occasions, radio almost daily and print media in every part of the country, featuring on the front page in several major newspapers of Durban, Port Elizabeth and East London as well as in smaller towns and the electronic media.

The promotion of the hybrid was easier on a day-to-day basis as the signage on the vehicle was much bigger. In addition to promotion within the lectures and films, everywhere the car went, people would come and ask about Hybrids and some even came into the SST offices when the car was parked nearby to learn more about the benefits of hybrids. Hopefully the interest caused is going to translate into greater numbers of people purchasing hybrids when next they need a car.

Honda - driving SST goals

With the help and support of Honda the Sustainable Seas Trust achieved its goals
for 2013. Here are just a few initiatives which have benefited from the use of Honda sponsored vehicles:

The SAMSA Sea Pledge Saldanha to Sodwana Tour of 2013

Samsa Seapledge Tour 2013 Honda Hybrid

Promotion of the photographic
which will led to the
publishing of the book South African
Coasts - A celebration of our seas and shores.

School Education Programmes

Involvement in numerous Education Programmes.


Development of environmental and educational documentaries to
promote impoverished coastal communities.

Honda  In Hamburg

Work with impoverished coastal communities on issues of sustainable
life styles, food security and
rehabilitation of coastal resources.

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