Hope Spots

South African Hope Spots has a place for you, your family or your  business, club, school, university, they are our Home of Hope - Ikhaya lethemba South African Hope Spots are unique in many respects, but most importantly they are fully people orientated; they are driven by communities of caring people drawn from all sectors of society. READ MORE

What are Hope Spots?

Kip Evans Image Of Sylvia DivingMission Blue defines Hope Spots as special conservation areas that are critical to the health of the ocean — Earth’s blue heart. Some of these Hope Spots are already formally protected, while others still need protection. About 12 % of the land around the world is now under some form of protection (as national parks, world heritage sites, monuments, etc.), while less than three percent of the ocean is protected in any way. Mission Blue is committed to changing this. Networks of Hope Spots maintain biodiversity, provide a carbon sink, generate life-giving oxygen, preserve critical habitat and allow low-impact activities like ecotourism to thrive. They are good for the ocean, which means they are good for us. By engaging governments, businesses, schools, research organizations, universities, civil society and the media, Mission Blue hopes to effect significant changes so that future generations can thrive on a healthy planet, with a healthy ocean. 

South African Hope Spots are unique

South Africa richly deserves to have several Mission Blue Hope Spots as it has so many spectacularly beautiful seascapes, a huge diversity of marine habitats, amazing richness of life and an enthusiastic population. Indeed South Africa as a whole could qualify as an International Hope Spot. As this is not feasible South Africa will build up its list of Hope Spots. The first six launched by Dr Sylvia Earle  in 2014 are: Aliwal Shoal in KwaZulu-Natal, Algoa Bay in the Eastern Cape and Plett, Knysna and the Cape Whale Coast (Hermanus area) and False Bay in the Western Cape. READ MORE                                                                                 

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Listen to interviews with Tony Ribbink about Hope Spots on SAfm and RSGREAD MORE             

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