Knysna Hope Spot

Launched 7 December 2014

Knysna Launch Group Photo

The Knysna Hope Spot committee with Mission Blue founder, Hope Spot
Architect and SST Patron, Dr Sylvia Earle, SST' CEO, Tony Ribbink, and
editor of the SST coffee table book, Anthea Ribbink.

Revised Logo Hope SpotKnysna is one of the top holiday destinations in South Africa as well as the top ranked estuary. Knysna now stands in line to be chosen as one of only six international Hope Spots in South Africa and the only estuarine one in the world. 

Hope Spots are places of importance that are critical to the health of our oceans. Areas like this are important for maintaining biodiversity and critical habitats. Like many other hope spots in the world, Knysna is already protected as a National Park, but with the support of Mission Blue and the Sustainable Seas Trust, the fundraising capabilities for existing and proposed projects will be enforced. 

Knysna has great diversity both on land an in the estuary. From the Knysna Lourie in the Afromontane forest to the Knysna Seahorse that enjoys the only sustained population found in the estuary. Estuaries are essential areas for at least part of the breeding cycle for up to 80% of coastal fish species.

On the 7th of December 2014, Dr Sylvia Earle launched the Knysna Hope Spot and placed it on the international marine conservation map

If you wish to become part of this amazing initiative or endorsing it, please contact us.

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