Sea Pledge


Launch of SEA Pledge at COP 17

Sustainable Seas Trust and student forum representatives of the South East African Climate Consortium traveled to coastal towns of South Africa in late 2011 to encourage everyone to join the SEA Pledge crusade.  On 3 December 2011, the crusade was officially launched in a fun and spectacular day-long event. Read about the official launch here

SEA Pledge is not simply a fun event: It has important goals

The first is to promote public awareness of the need to take better care of coasts and oceans as everyone, everywhere depends upon the oceans.

The second goal is to influence global decisions. The 3rd December 2011 was Oceans Day at the UNFCCC COP 17 meeting in Durban, South Africa. In a positive and wholesome manner, SEA Pledge delivered an important message to delegates at COP 17. We asked for a greater, wiser international investment in coasts and oceans and to encourage the United Nations Assembly to declare an International Year of Coasts and Oceans.

The third is to challenge each person, organization and institution to develop an ethic of sustainability and pledge to take active, measurable steps to improve their interactions with the environment at home, while travelling, diving, sailing, surfing, on ships, angling and indeed in every walk of life. This is done through the SEA Pledge Challenge

The fourth is to help others, particularly impoverished coastal people who eke out unsustainable, subsistence livelihoods from rapidly diminishing resources. Such support will be through development of Sustainable Education and Skills Centres (SEAS Centres) for employment. These are being designed as totally green, carbon neutral, welcoming facilities to enable disadvantaged people to build expertise to find employment, reduce pressure on critically depleted marine resources and adapt to climate change.

SEA Pledge will draw attention of global leaders to the role of oceans in climate change and the need for action. At the grass roots level, all funds accumulated by SEA Pledge will be used for SEAS Centres in impoverished coastal areas to provide education and skills training for employment in order to reduce poverty, promote environmental conservation and prepare people to adapt to climate change. Everyone should make a SEA Pledge and contribute to the crusade.

Each SEA Pledge will:

  1. Raise awareness of the role of oceans and coasts in supporting all life on the planet.
    People live on land, but too few truly realize the impact that they are having on the seas in terms of what they put into the seas and what they take out of the seas. Sadly, even global leaders are making uninformed decisions which affect millions of people. Most people underestimate the role of the seas in climate and weather, in human health and in provision of food, recreation, medicines and so forth. The need for greater awareness is acute. 
  2. Be an undertaking to commit to improving the manner in which pledgees treat the coasts and oceans.
    Each pledge is a commitment to improving the environment in which we live. In terms of the competitive nature of the pledges, the individuals and organizations which are most successful will receive an award at the end of each year in December. Annually, therefore, standards will be improved in the manner in which divers, yachts, anglers, surfers, fishing groups, shipping companies, restaurants and others treat the environment. The positive implications of annually improving standards and awareness point to a more sustainable environment and way of life for increasing numbers of people.
  3. Be an undertaking by those making pledges to contribute to impoverished coastal communities through SEAS Centres for employment.

Funds that are collected by SEA Pledge will be used to develop SEAS Centres. We need your donations! Please click here to make a donation or to learn more. 

If you have any questions about SEA Pledge or Sustainable Seas Trust and its partners, please read the Q&A section or contact us for more information.

Have you made a SEA Pledge yet?

Click here to make your pledge.

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