SEA Pledge Challenge

Businesses, clubs, universities, schools and organisations across South Africa are starting to take on the SEA Pledge Challenge by committing to decrease their environmental footprint and increase their environmental handprint. Is your organisation up to the challenge?

By committing to the SEA Pledge Challenge your organisation will be able to:

  • Demonstrate its commitment to higher environmental standards.
  • Support ocean conservation.
  • Contribute to the development of SEAS Centres 
  • Challenge other organisations to raise their standards.

The following organisations have already committed to the SEA Pledge challenge. If your organization would like to take out a SEA Pledge challenge, and have it displayed on our website, then please send us an email 

Organisation City Pledge
Ssi Logo Bw

  • Protect our oceans and understand our waters by working with everyone as one.
  • To make oceans accessible to all, so that everyone can understand and learn about what lies beneath the surface and change their attitudes for the better!
Green Door Pictures Johannesburg
  • Follow the 3 R’s wherever possible.
  • Decrease our water consumption by extending our grey & rain water system.
  • Raise the profile and awareness of the planets rivers & oceans.
  • Challenge colleagues; contractors and employees to make SEA Pledges of their own.
  • Eat less animal protein!

Rhodes University

Grahamstown Increase our Positive Handprint

Ellingham Resorts Rocky Bay

Park Rynie
  • Reduce their negative footprint by conserving fuel, recycling water and reuse.
  • Increase their positive hand print by planting only indigenous trees and eradicating invader species within their boundaries.
  • Raise awareness by educating their guests on protecting their beaches, dunes & ocean.
  • Offer their services, on a voluntary basis, to aid in the development of SEAS Centers.
Expert Tours Logo
Port Elizabeth
  • Raise further the general understanding and expertise of environmental issues in the marine tourism sector. Specifically, awareness of noise pollution, due to ship traffic in the Ocean, and water pollution resulting from harbours.
  • Raise awareness of the permanent oil leak in Port Elizabeth Harbour, which needs to be stopped.


Port St Francis
  • Promote SEA pledge to local business, the general public and visitors in St Francis Bay on an on-going basis.
  • Fulfill its role as a SEA Pledge Port in St. Francis Bay by collecting pledges and engaging their community, youth in particular, in marine awareness programs.
Adventure Mania
Adventure Mania Logo
Sodwana Bay
  • Have at least 90% of their customers make a SEA Pledge, which will be monitored and reported on a monthly basis.
  • Work with the local communities and government to ensure that Sodwana Bay moves forward on the development of SEAS Centre for Employment.

The Expedition Project Logo1

South Africa
  • To promote sustainable actions, living and ideas on South Africa’s coastlines via annual expeditions.
  • To be a vehicle of transformation for individuals and businesses.
  • To be a channel through which anyone can learn more and initiate solutions for protecting our ocean wildlife, resources and beaches.
  • To build a resource of information, individuals, success stories and ideas in order to move positively forward in planning our future.
  • East London Aquarium
  • Offshore Logo
  • Adventure Mania
  • Nvt
  • Samsa Logo
  • Saiab
  • Saeon Logo
  • Hhct
  • Plastics Sa
  • Canon Logo Small
  • Dpi Plastics
  • Algoa Fm
  • Amsol Logo Cmyk High Res
  • My Waste
  • Petco Logo Large For Print
  • Mission Blue Dot Rgb150
  • Outdoor Focus Logo
  • Raid Logo
  • I Am Water Blue
  • Raggy Charters
  • Yacht Porty
  • Nmbt Logo
  • 0518 Dow Logo
  • Dea
  • North Ltd Ployco  Colour 03