Camera’s in Kathmandu

It’s the final stretch for TSF as the crew recently returned from their last field trip of the year and have now set their minds to putting together 2013’s final exciting product. Director and head of TSF, Kyle Robinson, and filmmakers Justin Archer and Graham Holmes, recently returned from Kathmandu, Nepal, where the final stage of the START project’s filming took place.

Doccies without borders

Trust Sustainability Films is having a year of travel, toil and translators as their latest project, with START, sends them to Uganda and Nepal. 

The newest project START has involved TSF with is an educational and informative piece focussing on a growing trend seen all over our world, the innovative and useful practice of peri-urban agriculture. This global practice has an extremely positive impact in developing and food insecure nations. Slowly and steadily, more and more urban families are using whatever space they have available to them to practise subsistence farming.

Giant Iceberg Breaks Off Antarctic Glacier

A massive iceberg, larger than the city of Chicago, broke off of Antarctica's Pine Island Glacier on Monday (July 8), and is now floating freely in the Amundsen Sea, according to a team of German scientists.

Ocean News

The long battle over Japan’s killing of hundreds of whales during its annual hunting season moved to the International Court of Justice in The Hague on Wednesday, when hearings began into an Australian suit charging Japan with unlawful practices and with using so-called research as a front for commercial whaling.

Happenings in Hamburg

Sustainable Seas Trust’s PetroSA team, Sirkka, Enathi, Desiree and Hafeni travelled to the beautiful, friendly coastal town of Hamburg to tackle phase two of our exciting outreach project. The group spent a number of days last week engaging with the community with a number of goals in mind. Genevieve of PetrSA also joined the team in order to assess the progress made thus far, which she was thoroughly pleased with.

Educational pamphlets, posters and films have been developed for the community, detailing practises essential to sustainable living. Topics like subsistence farming, vegetable facts and mussel collection have been carefully explained in a number of different mediums. Team leader, Sirkka, showed these drafts to the Hamburg community, and gathered valuable feedback to be used before the final resources are to be printed and distributed.

Filming the fathoms bellow

Kyle Robinson and Justin Archer of Trust Sustainability Films visited Hermanus this past weekend for the inaugural 40 Fathoms Film Festival, in light of World Oceans Day on the 8th of June. The festival brought filmmakers together from around the country and it proved highly beneficial for SST in terms of networking and gathering contacts. A vast array of ocean and conservation related films were shown, including two of our very own, ‘Counting on Crayfish and ‘Life on the Rocks’, both were very well received by the audience. Trust Sustainability films was also commended in the panel discussion on Saturday for educating at grassroots level, which is the type of interaction so desperately needed in South Africa.

Did You Know?

"No water, no life. No blue, no green." 

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