Seafood Consumers At Risk From Mercury Contamination

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Often, we think of fish as a healthy meal choice. It is lauded as a great source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, the latter of which are recommended for the prevention of heart disease and for alleviating various symptoms of ageing. However,...

Unseen Danger: The Truth About Microplastics


Images of plastic debris choking estuarine systems or spreading insidiously across the surface of the sea are commonly used to represent the issue of marine pollution - and for good reason. It is estimated that the world’s oceans are...

Are Plastics the Enemy?

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If someone asked you to imagine your life without plastics, what would you miss? Plastics are all around us, in our cellphones, our cars, and our clothes. We use them to store food, drink water, and even brush our teeth. To imagine a life without...

Sustainable Seas Trust Children's Art Competition

Since February 2016, Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) has been running a children’s art contest in schools in and around Kenton-on-Sea. At the beginning of February, SST asked school children, grades R to 7, from Kenton-on-Sea Primary, Ikamvalesiqwe...

World Water Day & SST

Water, and specifically the sea, is at the core of everything Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) does. Whether it is educating students on the importance of and the life within the sea, to safety in and around water, to marine rehabilitation and food...

Scifest 2016

The 20th edition of South Africa’s National Science Festival was hosted during the first week of March 2016 in Grahamstown, Eastern Cape. Thanks to the partnership with SAMREC and generous sponsorship from Sibuya Game Reserve, Sustainable Seas...

Water Smart and Swimming Costumes with JOT Reading Club

On the morning of February 6th, 2016 Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) hosted our third Water Smart Fun Day event with 66 children from the JOT Reading Club. The children came in high spirits and joined us on Kariega beach, eager to learn about safety...

Professor Alan Whitfield Presentation

On Thursday February 8th, Sustainable Seas Trust was delighted to welcome Professor Alan Whitfield to the Kenton Town Hall for a presentation titled: “Can Conservation of Eastern Cape Estuaries Counteract Collapsed Coastal Fisheries”.

The night...

Did You Know?

We need to respect and take care of our oceans as if our lives depended on it BECAUSE THEY DO ...

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