Youth, you can beat plastic pollution!

‘Young people have an incredibly important role [when it comes to plastic pollution], but you must get on top of it!’ This good-natured order came from Derek Hanekom, Acting Minister of Environmental Affairs, at the launch of the African Youth...

The problem of plastic pollution is systemic

Plastic is everywhere, in what we wear, covering the things and food we buy, in the tyres on which we drive, it’s even in the teabags we steep in water. We use it all the time in ways we don’t even know, and yet we feel righteous saying no to a...

Meet the Map Makers: Rick Bonnier

Rick-Ernest Bonnier, 27, wants to change the world. In particular, he wants to rid it of the scourge of plastic pollution that is enveloping marine life around the globe – and floating in the idyllic waters of his homeland, Mauritius.

Read the...

Join our SST/ICC cleanup week!

Remember when the Swartkops estuary was swimmable and free of rubbish? That was not so long ago. There was also a time when the places where we live, work and play had fewer ‘plastic flowers’ and less litter on the streets. These days, though,...

SST, NMU host workshop

Xhosa people have a saying, ‘It takes a village’, meaning it takes a village to raise a child, and we need to take the same attitude towards the environment. Just like a child, the environment needs nurturing – and protection.

This was one...

Are You On The Map?

Are you on the map? If you're part of any initiative that is aimed at keeping our seas around Africa clean, you should be. 

This project is part of creating a waste-related network across Africa of people and organisations that are working...

Can NMB become SA’s cleanest city?

SST has a goal: to roll out a waste-management plan to other cities over the rest of the continent. It's a bold goal, but it is core to an even larger one: to roll out a waste-management plan to other city over the rest of the continent. This will...

Norway leads investment in Blue Economy

One of the most exciting items of news this year for all initiatives focused on oceans and keeping our oceans clean is the fact that the Norwegian government earlier this year doubled its allocation to develop programmes around the world that...

Sylvia Earle

Sylvia Earle, SST patron, features on cover of TIME Magazine

Dr Sylvia Earle is name that for many needs no contextualising. An oceanographer, explorer, author and conservationist, she is known the world over as an icon of the ocean and ambassador...

The Boaz: 'SST's Plastic Pollution Awareness vessel'

Boaz will sail the coast of Southern Africa and to islands of the West Indian Ocean to promote Mission Blue’s Hope Spots, education on marine debris and ocean research. Want to join the crew for future expeditions? Email us at

Did You Know?

"South African Hope Spots are people-oriented conservation areas in which individuals and communities are asked to make a positive difference to their own coastal and marine environments."

Dr Tony Ribbink
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