World renowned oceanographer , diver and record holder Sylvia Earle will be joining us for the first leg of our SST tour which Kicks off  in Simonstown on 14 April 2013. Be a part of the change you want to see in the world!


If you imagine that this pen is the size of the resource as it was originally before fishing took place, we are now down to that little tip there, which represents only 3% of what was originally there. And I don't have to tell you that little 3% could be snuffed out all too easily."

Trust Sustainability Film Showreel

Trust Sustainability Films has been involved in a number of exciting projects over the years, with shoots in areas all along our beautiful South African coastline. These are some of the better shots that have been collected.

SAMSA and SST prepare to make waves

Two weeks ago, on Friday 25 Jauary, the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) and the Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) took the first monumental step towards what promises to be a impactful and valuable adventure across our country’s coastline: the 2013 SAMSA Sea Pledge Saldanha to Sodwana Tour.

Two New Films Highlight Need for Coastal Conservation

The films highlight the fact that the wild coast, whilst still an area of abundant sea life, is taking strain with the huge numbers of people who are forced to strip mussels and oysters from rocks, and comb the shallow waters for crayfish. Permit systems are ineffective, as people cannot support their families with the small allowable catch.

Dr Sylvia Earle: first patron of SST

Sylvia Earle is the Sustainable Seas Trust’s first International Patron. It is unlikely that anyone else on the planet is better suited than Sylvia to be an active inspirational figurehead for SST. She is internationally applauded as the ambassador-at-large to the world's oceans. She is also without question one of the world’s most respected biologists, conservationists and oceanographers. Her diving exploits are legendary.

START Film complete

The multidisciplinary research project into the state of food security in the face of climate change in the Hamburg area, funded by START, culminated in a final report and book. The project was filmed (see below) , to show the many different but interconnected aspects to this initiative, as well to discuss broadly some of the key issues that emerged during the research.

A trip to SAMREC

On the 1st May 2012, the WIldREACH team and 30 high school students from around Grahamstown had the privilege of escaping off to Port Elizabeth for another unforgettable journey. Read More

Did You Know?

“The sea shapes the character of earth, governs climate and weather, regulates temperature, and comprises much of the biosphere – yet it remains largely unknown. It is not, however, untouched. Everywhere, the changes brought about by humankind are evident.”

Sylvia Earle
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