A bit about Petro SA

Food security for coastal communities is often inadequate. Generally, shore-line and coastal lands are sandy and poor in nutrients being historically derived from coastal dunes and beaches. They are unable to sustain crops and gardens as nutrients and fertilizers leach out of the soils. More significantly, the near-shore marine resources upon which coastal communities subsist have been depleted to the point where harvesting is unsustainable. Naturally produced goods and services are already inadequate to support impoverished communities. The future is bleak if dependence on unsustainable use of diminishing natural resources remains. Clearly, there is a need to address poverty and conservation and restoration of the environment which supports such communities so that ecosystem goods and services can be redeveloped. The PetroSA project therefore aims at educating the impoverished coastal communities of the Eastern Cape about marine conservation and food gardens to secure food in the face of climate change. The project will add value to impoverished rural communities by providing facilities and resources that would not otherwise be available to children and adults in impoverished areas of the Eastern Cape.

Although the programme will be developed and tested specifically in three sites (Hamburg, Tshani and Alice), it will also be made available to educational programmes of other NGOs and to schools, so that they might also respond to the new requirements of the Department of Education and better serve the needs of rural, impoverished South Africa.

The objectives of the project are to develop educational materials for teachers and learners that are consistent with the school curriculum. Materials are also produced with communities to meet community’s needs.

The primary tangible products that will be developed through this project are:

  •  An operational computer literacy programme to be run in Keiskamma trust other NGOs in the former Transkei where computers have been made available but those training the users are not guided by a solid learning framework.
  •  Education posters, booklets and films that aim at promoting sea resources and conservation as well as sustainable agriculture. As well as a and documentary film to promote the programme for Petro-SA and its partners and to inform communities and others of the processes and outcomes

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