Rules of the competition

Competition Rules and Information:

Sustainable Seas Trust Photographic Competition 2013/2014

1. About the competition

I. The Sustainable Seas Trust (hereinafter known as SST) ‘Splendours of the South African Seas’ Photo Competition (“the Competition”) is a call to action, in which every South African can celebrate 20 years of the New South Africa by capturing wonderful images on camera and sharing these with others. SST encourages the public to illustrate what they believe makes our coastlines one of the best in the world and to promote how we should be enjoying our environment while striving to conserve its beauty and richness.

2. Terms of entry

I. It is the responsibility of each entrant to ensure that s/he has abided by the Competition Rules and Information (“the Rules”).
II. By submitting an entry, each entrant agrees to the Rules, and warrants that his/her entry complies with SST’s requirements.
III. Any entry found not to comply with the Rules will be disqualified.
IV. No refunds or allowances will be made in such instances and any prizes will be forfeited.
V. The decision of SST on all matters relating to the Competition is final and binding. No negotiation will be considered.
VI. The closing date of the Competition is the first day of February 2014.

3. How to enter

I. Entrants send their photos to
II. There are three categories for entry: Professional, Hobbyist and Youth. Entrants should specify in which category they belong.
a) The Professional Skills category of the Competition is open to anyone aged 18 or over and who earns a living through their craft and who submits their photographs on or before the closing date except those involved in the Competition organisation or judging (including partners and/or family members) or employees of SST.
b) The Hobbyist Skills category of the Competition is open to anyone of any age who undertakes photography as a hobby who submits their photographs on or before the closing date except those involved in the Competition organisation or judging (including partners and/or family members) or employees of SST.
c) The Youth Skills category of the Competition is open to anyone aged 17 or under who undertakes photography as a hobby who submits their photographs on or before the closing date except those involved in the Competition organisation or judging (including partners and/or family members) or employees of SST.
III. By entering the Competition online you confirm that you agree to the Rules listed in this document.
IV. SST cannot be held responsible for emails that do not arrive due to an entrant’s email security settings or restrictions placed by their Internet Service Provider. Entrants must ensure that their settings accept emails from

4. What to enter

I. There is no maximum amount of photographs that may be submitted into the Competition by any single entrant.
II. Freshness, originality, creativity and innovation are central to the Competition and should be reflected in all images that are submitted.
III. Images of the natural world are eligible for sections III.a) to III.d). Entrants should specify into which section their photograph is entered.
a) Recreational activities and sports: any water or beach recreational, sports or adventure activities, from building sandcastles to braais on the beach, from angling and scuba diving to kite surfing; we want action photos aplenty.
b) Ocean Landscapes: showcase the landscape and the environment, geology and biophysical aspects of the coastline and seas. Make us proud of our oceans and coasts.
c) Cultural and historical: our cultural and historical heritage: ceremonies and cultural usage; anthropology; monuments and shipwrecks; changes that have taken place.
d) Marine Life: the animals and plants under the sea as well as along the coast. From photos snapped while scuba diving to images of the seagulls flying through a sunset.
IV. Entries must be digital files.
V. The settings on your cameras or phones should be set to best quality so they will be suitable for printing in the Portfolio Book.
VI. If your photo is too large to send by email please send a message to and we will create a unique Dropbox folder for you and send you an invitation and directions as to how to transfer your photo entries.
VII. If requested to do so, entrants must be able to supply the unedited original, or original transparency or negative, for any image short-listed for the Final round of judging.

5. What NOT to enter

I. Images that have been awarded prizes in any other national or international competition at the time of entry.
II. Images that breach the ethical standards (item 6).

6. Ethical standards

I. Entrants must be mindful of the welfare of animals, the privacy of people, and safe-guarding the environment in an attempt to secure an image.
II. In procuring images, entrants are responsible for ensuring full compliance with any national or local legislation.

7. Judging the competition

I. SST will appoint a Judging Panel that will include representatives of SST as well as photographic and creative experts independent of SST.
II. Judging consists of three rounds of evaluation. In Round One: a judging panel will choose all the entries that do meet the basic standards of: (1) Photographic or technical quality; (2) Creativity/ originality or artistic merit; (3) genuineness/authenticity of the content. In Round Two: the Judges will collectively make up a shortlist of approximately 60 photographs based not only on these first 3 listed Judging Criteria, but also, as criterion (4), Judges will take into consideration public opinion based on viewers’ Facebook likes. In Round Three: the judges will select a First Place Winner in each Category, and an Overall Winner from among the First Place Winners, based on all Judging Criteria.
III. The main prize winners will be announced at the Book Launch in Marine Week in October 2014.
IV. Decisions of the judges are final and binding.

8. Copyright and reproduction

I. Each entry must be the original work of the entrant and must not infringe the rights of any other party.
II. Each entrant must either be the sole owner of the copyright or have secured the written permission of the copyright owner to enter the image into the Competition and grants SST the rights detailed below.
III. The copyright in all images submitted to the Competition will remain with the copyright holder who will be credited as follows: ©photographer’s name.
IV. By entering the Competition, each entrant grants to SST a non-exclusive irrevocable licence to reproduce, publish and communicate to the public by any means and exhibit their awarded image(s) and copies of their awarded image(s) in all media throughout the world in relation to the Competition and the Exhibition including but not limited to all use in the context of:
a) Judging the Competition
b) Display in the Exhibition
c) Inclusion in the Portfolio Book and/or similar in the first and if necessary subsequent print runs.
d) Inclusion within the SST’s Website or Facebook page, including within interactive elements associated with the Competition and/or Exhibition (now known or hereafter created) available for viewing or download from the SST Websites.
e) Inclusion in promotional, press and marketing materials relating to the Competition and/or Exhibition and/or Portfolio Book.
f) Subsequent to publication, launch and distribution of the Portfolio Book, SST will seek permission from the photographer for any new purpose or use of the image/s (but not for any possible reprint of the book).

9. Liability

I. Proof of electronic submission is not proof of receipt by the SST, but SST will acknowledge each photograph or batch of photographs received by
II. SST will not accept liability for any loss or damage of any image entered into the Competition howsoever caused nor for any other loss or damage resulting there from.
III. SST regrets that it cannot accept liability for the misuse of images and/or failure of any third party to comply with the Competition’s guidelines.
IV. Except where expressly stated elsewhere in the Rules, SST regrets that, to the fullest extent permitted by law, it cannot accept any liability for any loss or damage suffered by any entrant in relation to the Competition.

10. Data protection

I. The personal data of entrants will be managed by SST in accordance with the principles of data protection legislation in South Africa.
II. SST will collect personal data about entrants from their entry and as otherwise provided in order to administer the Competition and/or all associated activities.
III. Entrants may contact the Organiser at any time to update their details and/or preferences regarding permitted use of their personal data.

11. Organiser's contact details

Sustainable Seas Trust
Threeways Centre
PO Box 77
6191 South Africa

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