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SST has a regular time slot, Tuesday's at 14:30, on Algoa Fm where important marine pollution and other marine issues are discussed

Speaker Biographies:

Capt CampbellCaptain Nigel Campbell

Captain Nigel Campbell is the Executive Head of the South African Maritime Safety Authority (SAMSA) Centre for Ships. He has extensive experience in maritime safety with forty-six years in the industry. Captain Campbell set up SAMSA’s fishing vessels safety unit as well as the Occupational Health and Safety Unit. He has also chaired the Food and Agriculture Organization's Expert Consultation on best safety practices in the fishing sector. Captain Campbell is also the “father” of the ILO Convention C188 Work in Fishing, having navigated it through the UN process to adoption. It entered into force in November.

Jenny RumpJenny Rump

Ms. Jenny Rump is the Environment Officer at the Zwartkops Conservancy. She started her environmental work in the 70's when she became a member of the Zwartkops Trust. Ms. Jenny Rump was awarded the Port Elizabeth Citizen of the Year in 2009. She has been involved in clean-ups, or “trash bashes”, with children. She was a teacher by profession and a Lifeline counsellor, and has a passion for people, the environment and environmental education. These passions have been driving forces for the work she has done.

Lorien 250Dr. Lorien Pichegru

Dr. Lorien Pichegru is a research fellow at the Coastal and Marine Research Institute at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University. Her research focuses on seabird foraging ecology and life history traits in relation with prey availability and local competition with industrial fisheries. Dr. Pichegru analyzes the at-sea behaviour of sea birds endemic to the region and that are threatened with extinction; including the Cape gannet, the African penguin and the Cape cormorants.

January 31st Broadcast

Stacey Davidson RedisaStacey Davidson

Ms. Stacey Davidson is a director at REDISA, the Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa. Ms. Davidson has an interest in the economic empowerment of previously disadvantaged communities which resulted in her volunteering for community-based organisations such as NICRO, CAFDA, and Triple Trust Organisation. It was Davidson's passion for community development which prompted her to join REDISA.

1743508 10153872348695305 1324282694 NKirsty Venter

Kirsty is the newly appointed Education Manager at the Sustainable Seas Trust. The majority of her previous research has focused on Marine Megafauna particularly dolphins and whales. This research has included diet analysis, species diversity and trophic level interactions. Her research has taken her to various parts of South Africa as well as internationally to Mauritius and Antarctica. A conservationist at heart, her passion for both marine and terrestrial environments is what drives her to conserve them through awareness, education and action.

March 28th Broadcast

Thabo MagomolaThabo Magomola

Mr. Thabo Magomola is a key member of the management team of the recently established Waste Management Bureau at the National Department of Environmental Affairs. The Waste Management Bureau is the DEA's implementation agency for strategic waste management programmes, such as Industry Waste Management Plans. Thabo is responsibility for the design, development and implementation of the Recycling Enterprise Support Programme (RESP). The Recycling Enterprise Support Programme (RESP) identifies and delivers support mechanisms to emerging entrepreneurs in the waste economy to contribute to the diversion of waste to landfill while creating jobs and economic prosperity.

Sarah DurrSarah Durr

Ms. Sarah Durr is a student ambassador for the Sustainable Seas Trust. She completed a BA in Environmental and Public Development Management at Stellenbosch University, an honors in Environmental Water Management at Rhodes University in 2015 and is currently doing her Masters in Environmental Education at Rhodes University. Sarah has also interned at the City of Cape Town's Environmental Resource management department. Sarah is very passionate about the environment and specifically interested in the relationship that people have with their scarce resources and immediate surroundings. She believes that the best way to address environmental problems is with effective learning that inspires environmentally conscious action in our children, communities and business.

March 7th Broadcast

MaryMary Phillips

Mary Phillips, the founder and Managing Director of The Waste Takers, is passionate about educating and growing the recycling industry in the Eastern Cape. She has been involved with recycling activities within communities and schools since September 2012 collecting approximately 10 tons of waste per month from about 10 informal waste pickers.

The Waste Takers’ solution is to establish an end-to-end recycling system, from collecting recyclable waste to adding value and supplying directly to recyclers, locally and nationally, replicating successful models already working in major centers such as Cape Town and Johannesburg.

April 18th Broadcast

MandyMandy Naude'

After a career spanning 25 years in various marketing and business roles, Mandy was tired of the corporate world and wanted to use her skills and energy in a role that could make a positive impact on society.
She has been with Polyco for nearly three and a half years in the position of CEO and feels very privileged to be in a role that can bring about real change in the growth of polyolefin packaging recycling in SA.

Img 20170419 Wa0019Wade Lane

Wade was born and educated in George. He studied at the University of Cape Town from 2008-2013 achieving a B.Sc in Zoology and Ecology, B.Sc (Hons) in Botany and M.Sc in Conservation Biology. At the moment, he works for Sustainable Seas Trust as their principle researcher for their GIS project which aims to model and map the distribution of marine plastic waste. Initially only focusing on the Eastern Cape but with the intention of having the model and map extend up the eastern and western coastline of Africa.

April 11th Broadcast

Rajput EditedJaisheila Rajput

Jaisheila is CEO of Tommorw Matters Now, a company that is working toward green business solutions.

As Founder and CEO, Jaisheila is passionate about developing economic models for sustainability and transforming the way we do business. She is a fervent believer in developing practical and comprehensive solutions that have the biggest value with long term benefit and impacts. This view is translated into all Tomorrow Matters Now | TOMA-Now service offerings.

Jaisheila obtained a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Cape Town. From the beginning, she has leveraged her research and innovation capabilities into developing practical, industry relevant solutions. She has a career spanning over a decade in large corporates in the automotive, chemicals and construction industries.

Her rich background includes technical, management systems, strategy and sustainability. She has worked in several countries including South Africa, Germany and Hong Kong. Jaisheila brings a fresh global perspective to the development of solutions for companies doing business in Africa.

Andrew BinningAndrew Binning

Mr. Andrew Binning is the CEO of Inkanyezi Events’. Mr. Binning has developed the company into playing a leading role in events and exhibitions nationally and internationally and wants to attract attention to the Eastern Cape as a viable event location. In 2016 Mr. Binning was voted in as the Deputy Chairman of the Exhibition and Events Association of Southern Africa (EXSA) board, and was the only Eastern Cape representative.

PhotoCarla Edworthy

Carla Edworthy is currently completing her PHD in the field of fish and climate change. Her research career started at NMMU where she did her undergraduate degree and honours degree in estuarine ecology but it was during her MSc that her interest in climate change and ocean acidification began. She is an integral part creating awareness in Africa about ocean acidification and has therefore been part of organising an Ocean Acidification Awareness Day on the 8th of June.

Ocean acidification is a global phenomenon that is occurring as a product of increased human carbon dioxide emissions. Despite the recent popularity and awareness of climate change, ocean acidification is not as frequently heard of. However, ocean acidification is very important as it is impacting marine life and if this continues we may begin to lose valuable fisheries species. In a country such as South Africa that still relies on seafood as a source of protein, this can have significant effects on social and economic sectors. Furthermore, many of our marine species are already under pressure from fishing from various fisheries and adding the pressure of climate change and acidification, we may start seeing population collapse. It is easy to see why creating awareness about ocean acidification is important.


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