Help Create Your Estuary Guidebook

The estuaries are the heartbeat of Kenton-on-Sea and Bushmans River. They are the reasons we choose to live here. They provide beauty, fun, income, and of course natural resources. The Kariega and the Bushmans estuaries are recreational playgrounds to residents and visitors as well as vital nesting and feeding environments for aquatic animals and support a rich diversity of plants. With your help, Sustainable Seas Trust (SST) and Estuary Care hope to illustrate the beauty and many benefits of the Kariega and Bushmans estuaries by creating a guidebook to tell their stories. The book will demonstrate how the estuaries function, show their beauty, explore the animals and plants that maintain the ecosystems and show how people like you enjoy the estuaries. It will also provide guides as to what we should each do to not only maintain the beauty, but improve estuary experiences for everyone.

SST encourages you to use this opportunity to help create the book. We would love to have access to your photographs, anecdotes, suggestions and survey responses. Here is how you can get involved:

  1. Submit photographs. Send us your photographs of animals, plants, scenery and human activities (e.g. family fun, skiing, angling) on the estuaries as well as historic photographs. Your photos should be print quality, preferably 1 Megabyte in size or more, and sent as .jpg. By submitting your photos, your contributions could feature on our website, Facebook page, and possibly the Estuary Guidebook.
  2. Submit written anecdotes, memories or descriptions of changes you have seen along the estuaries.
  3. Submit suggestions or comments on changes you would like to see or proposed management options for our estuaries.

All submissions, questions, recommendations, photographs and anecdotes should be sent to

This book will show what makes the two estuaries so vital and unique to the area. Specifically, it will feature the biology and functioning of the estuaries as well as the people who use and depend on them. The book will also include suggested guidelines to help manage the estuaries in order to keep them healthy and beautiful. By telling the stories of the estuaries, including your stories, we hope to inspire appreciation for and proper management and conservation of our local treasures.

This will be one of many published books created by Sustainable Seas Trust, our latest being South African Coasts: A Celebration of our Seas and Shores, a book created to celebrate the launch of the South African Hope Spots. This book features marine conversation areas by displaying outstanding photographs and engaging essays from leading conservationists, researchers, explorers, adventurers, journalists, and others whose lives are intimately associated with the seas. 

To learn more or to purchase our latest published book (and by doing so also contributing to the Kenton Education Trust Fund) contact us at

We greatly appreciate your interest in and contribution to the Estuary Guidebook!

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