WildREACH 2013 Report

Twenty-thirteen has been a proactive year for WildREACH. We have successfully continued our excursion program whereby we expose Grahamstown youth to the wonders of nature. In total we took 82 high school pupils from four education projects in Grahamstown to five different game farms or rehabilitation centres around the Eastern Cape. These trips included our longest trip to date - a marine based excursion to the Sustainable Seas Centre in Port St. Francis where pupils learned the correct protocol to conduct scientific sampling in the rocky intertidal, an observational walk on the beach and for many their first ever boat ride!

This will also be known as the year where we started a pilot run for our Wildlife Club concept at Ntsika Senior Secondary. Through these regular meetings with avid wildlife enthusiasts we hope to foster lasting relationships between pupils and student volunteers while also offering pupils a platform to address environmental issues in their community. To date we have had a cumulative number of 110 pupils attend these wildlife club meetings where the learners where introduced to environmental topics ranging from rhino poaching to pollution. Informative talks were also given by student volunteers who covered topics such as turtles, penguins, insects and fish. We have been delighted by the positive reception from learners and 2014 will definitely be a year where we hope to expand the Wildlife Club concept.

Performance summary for 2013:

  • Number of Weekend excursions: 3
  • Number of day trips: 2
  • Number of learners reached: 82
  • Attendance