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From Rooi Els to Quoin Point, the 200 km-long Cape Whale Coast is unique in its combination of rich and abundant biodiversity, spectacular scenery and cultural heritage. Mountains run down to an intricate coastline of estuaries, beaches and bays. Offshore, two major ocean currents come together, as temperate south coast currents meet cold west coast upwellings. 

It hosts many endemic bird species and is regarded as one of the top birding destinations in South Africa. The region is home to a number of iconic animals, including the Marine Big Five: African penguin, great white shark, Cape fur seal, whales (humpback, Southern right and Bryde's) and dolphins (common, bottlenose and humpback). READ MORE

If you would like to be involved in the Cape Whale Coast Hope Spot initiative please contact Meaghen McCord.

Projects & Organisations

Whereas many protected areas discourage public involvement, Hope Spots in South Africa are geared to involving the public, especially children, clubs, societies, NGOs who will work with the authorities to make their areas special places of fun, hope, education, conservation, tourism and sustainable angling and fishing. 

Find out more about the Cape Whale Coast Hope Spot projects and organisations and their respective conservation initiatives and drives and what you can do to help make a difference. READ MORE 

CWCHS Sponsors

We the organising committee of the launch of the Cape Whale Coast Hope Spot would like to take this moment to thank the funders and sponsors of the event. With out your gracious donations this event would not be possible. Thank you from the bottom of our Hope Spot hearts click here to find out more about our sponsors.

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