Marine Pollution Facts

Sources of Marine Pollution 

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Waste and litter accumulates in the ocean from garbage dumping in waterways and on land. Plastics are the largest contributors to waste and litter, gathering in masses in our oceans and putting unique marine life at risk.

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Industrial Wastewater is produced in industrial settings like factories, mills and mines. It often contains dangerous contaminants like chemical solvents, paints, radioactive waste and metals which are released into waterbodies and then travel to the ocean.

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Oil is released into the oceans from oil spills, leaking pipelines, engine oil discharge and tanker discharges. The oil is toxic to marine life and the marine environment. It is very difficult to remove oil from the oceans making its effects long lasting.

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Sewage includes domestic waste, animal waste and waste water. When it is directly released into waterbodies it often contains pathogens dangerous to marine and human life and affects our ecosystems by over enriching the environment with nutrients.

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Agricultural Runoff from farming contributes dangerous contaminants like pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers to the marine environment affecting ecosystems and their marine life.

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Air Pollutants include particle matter and gas matter. The Greenhouse Gas Effect is raising ocean temperatures and the levels of carbon dioxide in the air leading to the acidification of oceans.

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A growing amount of electronic waste is piling up around the world and contaminants like lead, cadmium, and beryllium are seeping into waterways and poisoning the oceans.

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