Help Reduce Marine Waste and Pollution

                                                            What Is Pollution Costing Us?

Earth is the only habitable planet in the universe, yet we litter it with waste from the highest mountains to the deepest seas.

Pollution affects the earth, the air we breath, the waters we drink, the animals we eat, our lands freshwaters and seas, and the lives of our children and family members.

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Economically it costs Africa about US $3 trillion annually.

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Pollution is driving the earths climate in a direction that will make it un-inhabitable for humans everywhere, at which point there’s no where to hide and no where to go.

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Pollution is literally costing us everything. It’s costing us lives, our continent and our planet. It’s taking all that we know, love, and need to survive.

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Seize your chance to make a change!

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Start today so tomorrow can be better. One person CAN make a difference. Do one thing right now by making a sea pledge.

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