Share Knowledge

Sustainability through knowledge and action reflects the essence of SST and explains our excitement to share knowledge. SST will answer any marine-related questions you might have and are eager to receive any of your marine-related knowledge.

We would like to encourage your to send in your discoveries, photos and questions about the marine environment and we will share the information here and via social media channels to answer your queries. 

If you have any questions or would like to raise an issue with regards to the South African Hope Spots initiative or one of the six South African Hope Spots - contact 


  • In 2014 during a red tide event in the Kenton/Bushmans/Cannon Rocks area, there were many related queries from local residents. SST shared information about red tide with the local residents and posted feedback on our social media pages and website. The response from the local residents was phenomenal and one of the residents even shared their knowledge about a jellyfish bloom that had taken place the previous year and had looked like red tide.

Contact and let’s share knowledge!

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