To be a facilitating body it is essential that SST has partners and to these ends it is richly endowed with partners and sponsorship partners among academia, business, in government, NGOs, clubs, societies and groups. For several the affiliation is strong and MOUs or contracts define the partnership, for others the spirit of collaboration drives the partnership. Find further information on partners  here and sponsors here.

Partnership Approach

Environmental, climate, conservation, education, sustainability, poverty alleviation, education and social justice are all such large challenges, especially in South Africa, that it is essential that we all work together. Indeed, the only way forwards is for likeminded people and organizations to pool knowledge and resources, as well as share opportunities to sustain our seas. Through SEA Pledge and other initiatives that involve the public, SST is working with individuals and schools, businesses and government.

Our vital partners include:
other conservation NGOs
local and national governments
research institutes

Join us in sustaining our seas.

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